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Life Coaching can help when people are feeling stuck, lost, at a crossroads, struggling with a problem or just generally feeling very flat and unmotivated. Coaching helps people to unlock the door to their full potential and remove the obstacles that are keeping them stuck. Working one to one with you, I can help you to clarify your goals and look at the obstacles that are blocking you. Together we can form strategies to help you achieve your goals. 

Emotional & Eating Distress Coaching allows you the opportunity to explore your relationship with food, your body and yourself. Eating disorders are not about food, they are a symptom of an underlying problem, I can help you to shine a light on the issues below the labels like Anorexia, Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder.  I will help you to identify the ways you use food and your body to deal with stress and distress. Coaching in this area will create a space where you can explore the feelings that are connected with your eating. I will facilitate you to achieve the relationship you would like to have with yourself, your body and food.

School Presentations and Workshops delivered in person or online. Each workshop and presentation is catered to the specific age group. The presentation comes from first hand experience of having an eating disorder tied in with 9 years working with people on their recovery journeys. There is emphasis on overall emotional well being, how to feel safe in strong emotions, challenging unhelpful thought patterns, social media and recognising when someone might be struggling and how and where to get support if necessary. 

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The Understanding Eating Disorders 
Presentation has been designed for students between 1st and 6th year. 

The presentation was created by combining 9 years working with people recovering from eating disorders as well as lived experience.


The aim of this presentation is to build the student's awareness of the symptoms, thought processes and feelings around eating disorders so they can recognise when they might need more support or guidance. The impact of social media, body image and thought processes are discussed with a view to developing skills necessary to challenge negative thoughts around the body.


The Reflections programme has been designed for pupils of Senior Primary age. 

The aim of this programme is to give pupils a safe space to explore the relationship they have with their body image, emotions and thought processes related to their body. Pupils will leave having developed skills around dealing with emotions, skills around body gratitude and positive thinking.

Their relationship with social media will be explored, with a view to developing the necessary tools to shield themselves from the messages and pressures of social media. Student participation and practical tasks during the programme allow the pupil a fun, engaging and safe space to address a topic which can be, at times, a sensitive subject.


More than the Mirror is a children's book packed with information and exercises centred on the crucial theme of body image. The main character, Alf, imparts his wisdom on improving self-esteem and cultivating a healthy body image, by managing his thoughts, feelings, and emotions about his physical appearance.

More than the Mirror serves as a guide for promoting positive self-image in young children, offering insights into the factors that shape their perspectives on body image and providing practical strategies for managing these influences. This book explores the topics of self-esteem, thoughts, and emotions, and presents them in a manner that is both informative and engaging. Ideal for children aged 8 - 11

Andrea's online workshop
"Understanding Eating Disorders" proved to be an exceptionally informative evening. Personally I wanted to gain a greater understanding of appropriate language to be used  when engaging in a conversation on the topic. The workshop increased my knowledge on the topic enabling me to offer better support. Andrea brought awareness and provided information on various  aspects of eating disorders which I had never considered, and for that I am exceptionally grateful.

The "Reflections" body image programme was reflective, informative and fun. Andrea's engaging delivery ensured effective pupil participation, which maximised pupil awareness and learning on a relevant and highly necessary topic for this age group.

5th and 6th class-Teacher
Scoil Naomh Bríd
Omeath, Louth


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